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Industry-leading web and support services in the UK, Canada, USA & Australia.

“nothing is impossible”

From the home of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, we’ve been following in his footsteps building industry-leading web and support services that support businesses across the world.

Since starting up in 2008, during the financial crisis, SWA Design has always had a can-do attitude to solving business problems, hence our company motto “nothing is impossible”, which is still very much part of our approach today.

3 steps to your online success

step 1 – your online shop window


We build websites for all businesses and budgets, making sure they are easy for customers to navigate, that have clear call-to-actions and are easy for clients to manage, update and evolve.

step 2 – engage with your customers

Email Campaigns

With Gmail, Yahoo and Apple cracking down on spam requirements, ensuring your newsletter system is setup correctly and reaching out via SMS messaging will make a big difference to your campaigns.

step 3 – get out in the real world

Real-life Ads

In a busy world of social media ads, stand out by reaching your customers in the real life. Your brand and offers can be seen in local shops, commute and gyms at the right time, right place via a digital billboard.

The backbone of your online business

Our website hosting and support services are designed be the backbone on your online business by being reliable, fast and always there for you.

Website Hosting

We’ve been perfecting our website hosting service for over 15 years and we believe that our hosting service simply offers unbeatable speed, reliability and value for your online business.

Website Support

One of most popular products which ensures that your website is kept maintained and secure whilst giving you global access to all our services and expertise at a discounted hourly rate.