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The Terms and Conditions accompanying these Third-Party Instructions Terms and Conditions and any supplemental document(s) are effective for any goods and/or services provided by SWA Design LLP from 1 August 2020 to you for use by an end-user. By continuing to use our goods and/or services or providing any goods and/or serviced provided by SWA Design LLP to an end-user, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and these Third-Party Instructions Terms and Conditions.

Start of Third-Party Instructions Terms & Conditions

In these terms and conditions: 


These Third-Party Instructions Terms and Conditions constitute a contract between us and you. You are to ensure you have an adequate contract between you and the end-user to cover your liabilities set out in these Third-Party Instructions Terms and Conditions. 

We do not and will not have any contract with the end-user. All goods and/or services produced by us will be provided to you which can then be passed on to the end-user by you. 

Any goods and/or services provided by us for you for use by an end-user will bear your name and logo as appropriate and as agreed from time to time between us and you. We will not produce any goods and/or services to you for use by the end-user which bear our name or logo. 


We will only provide our goods and/or services only where a contract has been entered into between us and you, prior to such goods and/or services being provided.

We will provide you with a written quotation following a request from you to provide goods and/or services for use by an end-user.

You are to ensure you have obtained full and adequate details from the end-user to enable us to produce the required goods and/or services.

We will not be held liable for any losses, damages, liabilities, costs (including legal fees) and expenses incurred by you or the end-user resulting from you not obtaining and providing us with all information required or requested in order for us to provide a quotation and/or providing you with the goods and/or services for use by the end-user.

Lack of instructions or providing incorrect and/or insufficient instructions which results in us undertaking additional work other than that reasonably envisaged when providing a quotation will incur additional costs which will be invoiced and payable by you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and these Third-Party Instructions Terms and Conditions.

Quotations will be provided on the basis that we will not have any dealings with the end-user. Our dealings will be with you directly and you are to liaise with the end-user accordingly. Should the need arise, at our absolute discretion, for us to liaise with the end-user, additional hourly charges will be applicable as detailed in the Terms and Conditions under the Account Support section. 


All invoices will be raised addressed to you and not the end-user. All invoices are payable 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless expressly stipulated otherwise, whether or not you have been able to obtain such costs from the end-user. Our contract is strictly with you and not the end-user.  

Cancellation, refunds, termination renewal and disputes

We reserve the right to terminate any goods and/or services provided to you with no less than 2 weeks’ notice.

A breach of any of these terms and conditions will result in the immediate suspension of all services and/or an account termination with no refund.

Refunds will only be granted at our sole discretion and where there is a genuine irreconcilable problem with the service and/or product.

Setup fees, transfer fees, deposits and printing contracts are non-refundable in any event.

Website Design & Development, Web Application Design & Development, Fix My Website and Graphic Design services cannot be cancelled once the final product has been approved by the client.

All Hosting and Website Maintenance services automatically renew for the same term at the end of the hosting period detailed on our quotation. 

Should you choose to cancel a renewal, you must provide us with written notice of such decision at least 30-days prior to the renewal date. 

Where less than 30-days’ notice is provided by you to cancel a Hosting and/or Website Maintenance contract, we reserve the right to recover the full amount of the service cost, which would have been incurred by the renewal of the hosting contract.


Any dispute arising between us and you out of or in connection with this agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. 

Contact Information

If you do not agree with any part of these legal terms, please write to us at:

Email: hello@swadesign.co.uk   Subject: Legal Enquiries

SWA Design LLP – Legal Enquiries 
31 Nottingham Road 
Stapleford, Nottingham 

© SWA Design LLP 2020. Errors and omissions excepted.

If you print/copy this document it must contain all original information.