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Fix my website

We love being able to repair or add functionality to get rid of all those issues that impact the user experience of your website.

fix my website

How to fix your website

& RESTORE code

With years of experience in creating, breaking and fixing code there aren’t many bugs that we haven’t been able to fix. Call us today and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s “bugging” you!

Add features
& functionality

We have the development skills to be able to dive in and work with existing frameworks and APIs to add the finishing touches that really make an off-the-shelf website unique.


Our website audits give you a detailed overview of the performance of your website, including what issues may be negatively affecting it and even what can be done to resolve those issues.

Fix my website reviews

“You were a Godsend, when I needed help with the website, thanks for looking after it”

Abla El-Azhary

Abla El-Azhary

Abla healing

“Fixed a few bugs on my websites. Very easy to deal with. I’m sure I’ll use again in the future.”

“Always willing to help – highly recommended, thanks team!”

dan davidson

dan davidson

bloody marketing

Fix my website FAQs

Do i need to inform my current provider?

No, we can go in and out of your website and complete an audit of your website. All we need is your login details.

How much does it cost to fix my website?

The actual cost can vary, depending on how complex the issue is to fix, however, our fix my website services are charged at a fixed project cost and start from just £40.