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Fix My Website

Our fix my website services gets rid of website errors, squish those bugs and removes those issues.

We’re renowned for doing more than just making websites look great, we’re mechanics too. We love being able to repair or add that much-needed functionality to get rid of all those issues that make your website frustrating to use.

Need Emergency Help?

fix my website

Bug Fixing

With years of experience in creating, breaking and fixing code there are not many pieces of code we haven’t been able to fix. Let us inspect your code to reveal the cause and solution to your code errors.

fix website errors

Add Features

We commonly get asked to build additional features on the clients existing off-the-shelf software as we have the development skills to be able to dive-in and work with existing frameworks and APIs.

fix website issues

Code / Website Audit

Reduce your eye strain by letting us troubleshoot your website and/or code to find what’s causing the issue. We’ll produce a report detailing the exact issues, the cause and solution.

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