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Fix My Website

At SWA Design we don’t believe in over-selling, which is why we don’t just build websites from scratch, we fix pre-existing websites too!

Our fix my website service is designed to remove website errors, bugs and any general issues that you might have with your current website.

We’re renowned for doing more than just making websites look great, we’re developers too. We love being able to repair or add that much-needed functionality to get rid of all those issues that impacts the user experience of your website.

Need Emergency Help?

fix my website

Bug Fixing

With years of experience in creating, breaking and fixing code there aren’t many bugs that we haven’t been able to fix.

Call us today and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s “bugging” you!

fix website errors

Add Features

Do you find yourself wanting more out of your website?

Look no further! We have the development skills to be able to dive-in and work with existing frameworks and APIs to add the finishing touches that really make an off-the-shelf website unique.

fix website issues

Website Audit

Your website’s performance is key to your clients’ user experience and it’s that experience that could mean the difference between getting a sale and your customers choosing your competitor over you.

Our website audits give you a detailed overview of the performance of your website, including what issues maybe negatively affecting it and even what can be done to resolve those issues.

Call us today and make sure your website is performing at its best!

Not sure what you need? Why not chat to us. We’re here to help.