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Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress is a great content management platform for blogging and providing easy user management for news and corporate website alike.

However, WordPress themes can easily become over-complicated which not only makes them harder to fix when they break but also takes longer to upgrade them as and when technology and code moves forward.

This is why our custom WordPress themes are designed to be simple and easy to manage, whilst including all the features to meet your needs.

Built for speed

Having built our very first websites in 2008 on 0.2 mbps phone lines, we’ve been making our website themes super-efficient to load.

Now, even with Fibre broadband delivering gigabytes of data, we don’t waste a precious byte of it, ensuring your website loads fast and is able to deliver high-definition images, videos and scalable vectors on-demand.

Built for control

One of the best things about WordPress is that it has built-in levels of control. So, your companies roles can be reflected in their website access.

For example, you can have one admin, a few editors who can manage the content and many contributors who wish to add content but can’t publish it. You can even hand your external marketing team their very own login so they can manage the search engine optimisation of your website.

Built to last

Unlike most marketplace WordPress themes, our custom WordPress themes don’t require monthly or annual licenses to keep them updated. On average, our code stays up-to-date between 4-6 years.

However, for the best experience, we recommend you join the rest of our long-term clients by hosting with us where we can easily provide any updates and fixes to keep us with the pace of change in technology sector.

Not sure what you need? Why not chat to us. We’re here to help.