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Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed with a specific purpose in mind, for example capturing potential customer data or for selling a specific product or service.

Unlike your website, they don’t have any distractions such as a menu or any external links.


A single-purpose landing pages consist of a single goal ie. more email sign ups or selling a single product.

These type of landing pages make much purposeful “coming soon” pages or a super-focused customer selling journey from clicking/visiting a link from your marketing collateral.


A multi-purpose landing page consists of a customer flow and guides a customer through several stages, collecting more data and potential sales along the way.

This is an excellent way to up-sell products or services by offering a tempting introductory product, “the hook” and then encouraging the engaged customer to purchase additional more premium services or products without leaving the page.

The Platform

The right platform for your landing page depends on what you want to do with the customer once they’ve been captured.

There’s some excellent low-cost options for simply capturing data, however, if you want to make the most of the customer data captured, we’d recommend the premium options which can not only extend the engagement of the customer but can automatically re-engage them at a later point.

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