In today's market where the average customer is holding an ultra-hd resolution screen in the palm of there hands, your brand and graphics need to vectorised otherwise they can appear blurred or fuzzy at the edges.

Having your brand and graphics vectorised is also perfect for printing high-quality artwork onto print products.

Wether you need just your brand vectorising or your entire digital assets review, contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Questions about Vectorising

How do I know if my logo is vectorised?

A quick way to find out is to open your file in your browser or file preview app, then zoom in three times. Most vectorised files also end in .eps, .pdf, .svg.

If the logo appears to be blurred, then we recommend you get in touch and we can confirm.

How can I bulk vectorise all my media assets?

With us! Our vectorising service covers all your media assets, from just a brand to converting an entire asset pack.

Just get in touch and we can provide you with a quote within a few days and an estimated completion time.

What can I do with my vectorised logo?

You need to make sure people can see your amazing logo and graphics by creating awareness through:

  1. Claiming your domain
  2. Showcasing your services / products
  3. Creating awareness of your brand
  4. Capturing potential customers
  5. Keeping them interested

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