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Providing the “magic” touch

Disneyland Alumni Club

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being able to add the “magic” touch to websites. What we mean by that is using our creative design skills to add and enhance those user experiences through design and animation.

The Disneyland Alumni Club project was the perfect project to showcase our “magic” touch.

Tinker Bell’s dust

As you hover all the clickable buttons and images on the website, Tinker Bell’s dust glistens in the Disneyland Alumni Club’s colours of red, yellow and blue, flittering away as you move your mouse away from the element.

ezgif 6 0505b2954c62 - magic

Reveal yourself!

Just like that, the main logo fades away to reveal the login menu, shaped in the style of the Disneyland park badges that were worn by the staff who worked there.

ezgif 6 e1b1f9c292e8 - magic

A subtle touch

It’s important when adding animations to a website that they have purpose and don’t cause an uncessary distraction. For example, this menu icon changes from the hamburger menu to a cross shape to tell you that the menu is opening/closing whilst the rest of the menu simply fades in.

ezgif 6 cca56a5c1629 - magic

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