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“We’ve had an increase of nearly 15% in membership since the new website launched.”

Disneyland Alumni Club

“Overall, the website is so much more fun and easier to navigate for our members. The fun is from the caricatures of Cast Members in costume highlighting each page. The easier is from the simple menu...

…Working with SWA was delightful and fun. Yes, there were some technical glitches, but there always are in projects like this and they worked through them in a fun and easygoing manner.

I would heartily recommend them to anyone.”

Mark Eades

Mark Eades

secretary, Disney alumni club 2021

Working on the Disneyland Alumni Club project was a true team effort. The team provided some initial ideas on design, layout, and content, then it was up to us to build their ideas into reality and add those magic touches.

One of the key purposes of this website is to provide easy registration and management of the Disneyland Alumni Club members. We achieved this by keeping the setup simple, integrating the services they already used and knew how to use, and teaching them how to use what was new to them over a video call.

In order to keep the management of the pages simple, we focused on well-organised posts, to create dynamic pages that always displayed the latest information by simple creating new content in the WordPress dashboard.

As well as creating an ideal setup that was going to be easy to manage, we knew that once they had resolved the issue of new members being able to sign up and existing members being able to manage their online account, including purchasing the club merchandise, it was only going to be a matter of time before they wanted to roll out expanding the site and the online store.

To ensure that they could start growing and expanding with confidence, we recommend our Synergy maintenance package to them, which would mean they could concentrate on the organisation’s growth and task us with carrying out the necessary changes on the website and server to help them ensure that everyone can “Always be part of the Magic!”.

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