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Animate my website

Give your website some pizazz by adding some SVG animations to your website. They’re SEO friendly too!

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How can I use SVG Animations?

1. ADd life to
Brand & logos

By adding animation to something as simple as your brand/logo can make it so much more memorable than a static logo. Through animation, you can deliver your brand story and values and give someone a feel for your personality.

2. create micro-interactions
and a memorable user experience

Microinteractions are a very good example of using animations well to create a sense of emotive feedback on your website. A real-world example is the way emoticons animate when you hover over the ‘like’ button on Facebook.

3. to help explain
stories and processes

People say a picture tells of a thousand words but since 1908, we all know that animated pictures tell a story even better. SVG animation can guide a user through a process and load much quicker on a page than a video or GIF ever could.


Are SVG Animations SEO Friendly?

When using animated images such as GIFs, search engines like Google can only read the title and alt text. Whereas SVGs are made of code that is accessible to search engines, so all text on your animation can count towards your search engine rank.

Are SVGs better than GIFs?

In our opinion, yes. SVGs not only offer 16.7 million colours, but they also support transparency and crisp edges, no matter how large or small you scale them. Whereas GIFs only support 256 colours, has debatable transparency support and a fixed resolution.

Can an SVG be triggered?

Yes, have full control of when and what causes an SVG animation to start, stop or even loop!

Should I consider Videos or SVGs?

In our opinion, an SVG is a much more cost-effective marketing tool compared to videos as it doesn’t require hiring actors, licensing audio and can be easily edited and updated.