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Email Automation

Email automation can take your customers on a journey through a series of emails, informing, selling and even re-engaging them.

Welcome Emails

When you collect someone’s email address, welcome to them to your company by introducing yourself through an automated welcome email.

You can them tell them about your company, give them an overview of your services or reward them with a unique offer or discount.

Deliver Lessons

You can send your potential customers through a series of pre-written guidance called “on-boarding”, that can feature helpful tips, lessons and even the potential to up-sell with premium products & services.

It’s an great way to build a loyal and engaged audience, which you can later turn into sales.

Fulfil empty baskets

Avoid empty baskets and carts by allowing email automation to send follow up emails and re-target potential customers through social media advertising.

We can even get it to send personalised product recommendations, to keep your emails relevant to their wants and needs.

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